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Hydra Quartz

ImageDescriptionSKUPrice Each 
Hydra Quartz 32 Oz String Algae Treatment
Hydra Quartz 32 Oz String Algae Treatment 66200
Hydra Quartz 11 Lb String Algae Treatment
Hydra Quartz 11 Lb String Algae Treatment 66204
Hydra Quartz 55 LB String Algae Treatment
Hydra Quartz 55 LB String Algae Treatment 66255
Hydra Quartz String Algae Test Sample
Hydra Quartz String Algae Test Sample 66120

Hydra Quartz

Product Highlights

  • Rapidly removes blanket weed, string algae and slime
  • Ideal for koi and fish ponds, lakes, water traps, natural pools and irrigation systems
  • For Green Water treatment solutions see Hydra Crystal and Hydra Pond Clear Plus

Features and Benefits

  • Hydra Quartz string algae treatment are easy to use granules which work on contact
  • Hydra Quartz is your key to improved pond balance.
  • Same eco friendly bacteria action as barley straw but with rapid results
  • No waiting weeks for results with no messy, smelly straw to remove
  • Hydra Quartz starves the blanket weed by chelating and absorbing nitrates and phosphates which are essential for blanket weed growth; its bacteria and enzymes control and prevent blanket weed for extended periods
  • Does not affect biological filters or pumps
  • Harmless to all fish, birds, reptiles, invertebrates, humans, mammals, animals and water plants ( Do not use in dry form around water plants. Dilute with water and pour around the plants to remove string algae from the plants)
  • Easy to use simply sprinkle or broadcast onto affected areas
  • UV lights can be left on during treatment

Request a Sample
To request a sample of the Hydra Quartz click here. (Online requests only and $2.95 S&H applies.) The sample consists of a small packet of the Quartz that allows you to test the product on your pond water before you buy. These come to you in a regular business envelope.

Why do we get blanket weed?

Frequently Asked Questions About Hydra Quartz

Hydra Quartz Data Sheet and MSDS Information (PDF)

Usage Tips for Hydra Quartz

 For help estimating the volume of your pond, try our Pond Volume Calculator.



Initial Dose
1 Heaped Spoonful (Blue Spoon in Tub) Treats 100 Gallons
1 Ounce Treats 75 Gallons
32 Ounces Treats 2,400 Gallons
11 Pounds Treats 13,200 Gallons
55 Pounds Treats 66,000 Gallons
Maintenance Dosage
1 Heaped Spoonful (Blue Spoon in Tub) Treats 500 Gallons
1 Ounce Treats 375 Gallons
32 Ounces Treats 12,000 Gallons
11 Pounds Treats 66,000 Gallons
55 Pounds Treats 330,000 Gallons

Ordering Information
To order online, use the form below or call 866-444-0977.

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