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Hydra Crystal

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Pond before treatment with Hydra Crystal

Product Highlights

  • Clears green and cloudy water for a crystal clear pond.
  • Use in ponds and lakes containing fish and aquatic life, domestic and exotics, for a crystal clear pond
  • Green Algae water treatment clears green water,cleans dirty, murky ponds
  • The answer to the question " How do I remove the green algae from my pond water?"
  • NOTE: This product is most effective in ponds with filter systems.
  • For ponds without filter systems use new Pond Clear Plus
  • For String Alage Treatments please see Hydra Quartz

Features and Benefits

Hydra Crystal Green Water Treatment
Ensure adequate aeration by water pump or air-stone. Allow plenty of time to observe fish. Clean mechanical filters before starting treatment and keep these filters clean during treatment. To evenly mix and distribute Hydra Crystal, dilute with tap water and add as a slurry. Circulate treated water throughout for even mixing and distribution. Leave UV and pump switched on. In extreme cases if no improvement is seen, repeat application after 48 hours.


For help estimating the volume of your pond, try our Pond Volume Calculator.

Initial Dose for Badly Fouled Water
1 Heaped Spoonful (Blue Spoon in Tub) Treats 100 Gallons
1 Ounce Treats 93 Gallons
8 Ounces Treats 750 Gallons
28 Ounces Treats 2,600 Gallons
8 Pounds Treats 11,900 Gallons
40 Pounds Treats 59,500 Gallons
Maintenance Dosage
1 Heaped Spoonful (Blue Spoon in Tub) Treats 400 Gallons
1 Ounce Treats 372 Gallons
8 Ounces Treats 3,000 Gallons
28 Ounces Treats 10,400 Gallons
8 Pounds Treats 47,600 Gallons


Click to Watch the Hydra Crystal
Demonstration Video

Hydra Pond Filter Blanket Recomendation
The Hydra Pond filter blanket features very fine particle filtration at a fraction of the cost of other filter systems. Highly recomeded during the Hydra Crystal treatment process to speed the clearing of your pond water. Easily added to your current system or make your own filter. Clean and reuse for up to one year. Click link for more details Hydra Filter Blanket

Maintenance Dosage
Use every one to two months at maintenance rate to keep the pond clear of pollutants and toxins.

Buy Directly from the US Distributor
Pond Clear Products is the US distributor for Hydra Aqua products.

Not For Use In Swimming Pools
Hydra Crystal is NOT intended for use in swimming pools.

Ordering Information
To order online, use the form below or call 866-444-0977 to talk to a representative.

Request a Sample
To request a sample of the Hydra Crystal click here. (Online requests only and $2.95 S&H applies.) The sample consists of a small packet of the Crystal that allows you to test the product on your pond water before you buy the product. These come to you in a regular business envelope.

Starter Kits
We are now offering a complete discounted starter kit which includes Hydra Crystal, a pond Filter blanket to assist in filtering out the dead algae and an application of Hydra Enhance.


Please Note: Your credit card statement will show your charge to either Climax, LLC or Climax Photo depending on your card. For more information about ordering from us, please see our Ordering page.

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Hydra Crystal 28 Oz66100 $ 29.95Add To Cart
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Hydra Crystal 28 oz Kit with Blanket & Enhance66304 $ 45.95Add To Cart
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Hydra Crystal 8 Lb Green Water Treatment66104 $ 69.95Add To Cart
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Hydra Crystal 8# Kit with Blanket & Enhance66305 $ 84.95Add To Cart
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Hydra Crystal 40 Lb Green Water Treatment66140 $ 259.00Add To Cart
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Hydra Pond Filter Blanket66300 $ 19.95Add To Cart
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