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Q&A About Hydra Quartz

Frequently Asked Questions About Hydra Quartz

Is Hydra Quartz safe to use with fish and wildlife?
Hydra Quartz is harmless to fish and wildlife and is safe for your pets to drink from the water.

How long does it take to work?
Within an hour the Hydra Quartz will start consuming nutrients in the water this will effect the blanket weed and slime in your water - the full effects will be seen within 7 days. Once the blanket weed has become detached from the pond sides you can remove it with a net. If the blanket weed is not removed it will either be picked up by your filtration system or will slowly disintegrate over time at the bottom.

When I added Hydra Quartz my water went white. Why?
In very hard water areas it is possible that when you add Hydra Quartz to water the water will go a milky colour, this is because the water hardness (calcium carbonate) is being precipitated out of the water. This precipitation is harmless and will sink to the bottom and the water will clear within 2-3 days.

Can I use this water for irrigation?
Leave for 72 hours then it is safe to use this water on plants and grass.

Download the Hydra Quartz Data Sheet and MSDS Information

Usage Tips for Hydra Quartz

What is the initial dose? What is the maintenance dose?


Initial Dose
1 Heaped Spoonful (Blue Spoon in Tub) Treats 100 Gallons
1 Ounce Treats 75 Gallons
32 Ounces Treats 2,400 Gallons
8 Pounds Treats 9,600 Gallons
Maintenance Dosage
1 Heaped Spoonful (Blue Spoon in Tub) Treats 500 Gallons
1 Ounce Treats 375 Gallons
32 Ounces Treats 12,000 Gallons
8 Pounds Treats 48,000 Gallons

Measuring Spoon
Each tub 32 Ounce and 11 Pound tub of Hydra Quartz contains a blue measuring spoon - each level spoonful = 30 gms of product.

How much time between Treatments?
You can either maintenance dose at 1:50,000 every month or leave it until blanket weed starts to appear this will depend on your individual ponds balance:

  1. Number of fish to size of water body.
  2. Amount of food being given to fish.
  3. Whether fertilizer run off is coming from surrounding ground / grass areas.
  4. Amount of plant life in water body to absorb nutrients i.e. phosphates, nitrates etc.
  5. Each water body is a unique eco system - once it is in balance it should not be necessary to add additional add additional Hydra Quartz.

While Hydra Quartz is a very safe product we would not recommend overdosing as you would be wasting your money, however we have tested it at 1:5,000 and found that it was still safe to aquatic life. Once the water is free of blanket weed there is no need to re-dose unless you are using the maintenance program.

Ordering Hydra Quartz


The following testimonials are from Quartz customers:

I wanted to let you guys know that your products save me countless hours of backyard wasted time . My pond has a 90 foot stream, and by July the string algae use to break my back...worse then pulling weeds in a garden. I use Hydra Quartz for the algae and Hydra Crystal to keep my pond clear. For the first 5 years, I couldn't believe how much work I had to do to keep ahead of my stream. I've used you for the last two years, and laugh about now easy it is to care for my stream and pond. I have never enjoyed my back yard as much as I do today.

Thanks again, John- Chester, NJ --4/14/11


 "Just a quick note to say thank you, this is the best thing I have tried and tried a lot I have, it works very well and at a good price to. You can see the difference in minutes so again Thank You your product is wonderful." - Jason.

"I purchased some Quartz a short time ago and am writing to say what a brilliant job it has done in my pond and so quickly as well. I will be purchasing some more for maintenance top ups." - Michael

"Got my delivery ok and I think its fantastic stuff. Top marks on a brilliant product." – Mick

" Received my parcel on Friday and your product is working well already!". – Chris

" I am pleased to confirm that I have received the Quartz. I must say that I am very impressed with it having tested it last night. Thank you for a very professional and courteous service." – Stuart.