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Why Do We Get Blanketweed?

Why do we get blanket weed in ponds and lakes?

What is blanket weed?
Blanket weed is mostly found crowding your marginal plants, in the stream bed, and sometimes in bad cases it will grow on the bottom of your pond. Blanket weed is really hard to pull out of a pond because it clings to rocks, plants and everything else.

How do I get rid of blanket weed?
Use Hydra Quartz to remove the blanket weed and algae spores it will also act to help prevent further growth.

What is Hydra Quartz?
Hydra Quartz is a fish safe blend of minerals, enzymes and bacteria which work the same safe way as barley straw but rapidly – no waiting for weeks to see results. It is fish safe and easy to use.

How does Hydra Quartz kill the string algae in my pond?
Hydra Quartz contains the same eco friendly bacteria action contained in barley straw which works on contact with rapid results. Hydra Quartz starves the blanket weed by chelating and absorbing nitrates and phosphates which are essential for blanket weed growth.