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Which Product Do I Need?

Before deciding what your water problem is, it is absolutely essential that you take a sample of water from your pond or lake into a clear glass and hold it up to the light; if you just look at the body of water you will never get the true picture.

If the sample is green or cloudy, you either have excessive single cell algae or excessive suspended solids and need Hydra Crystal. or Hydra Pond Clear Plus If the water looks green in the pond or lake but is crystal clear or very slightly cloudy in the sample, you have excessive nutrients and need Bio Aquatic Bacteria Boost.

Please refer to the table below to help you select pond treatments or solutions for other pond conditions.


Problem Product
Green Water / Cloudy Water Pond With External Filter Hydra Crystal
Green Water / Cloudy Water Pond -Without an External Filter System Hydra Pond Clear Plus
Blanket Weed / String Algae Hydra Quartz
Water looks green in pond, but glass water sample is either crystal clear or very slightly cloudy Bio Aquatic Bacteria Boost
Fish colors dull and washed out Hydra Enhance
Ammonia levels high Hydra Ammonia Lock
Using tap water - treat for chlorine and chloramines Hydra Aqua Dechlorinator
Water pH too low, insufficient carbonate hardness or general hardness Hydra pH Up (Immediate fix)
Hydra pH Buffer(long term buffering)
Suspended particles in water - filter system not catching small particles Hydra Pond Filter Blanket
Filter system or water lack sufficient natural bacteria to break down excessive nutrients in the water Bio Aquatic Bacteria Boost
Lt Extreme Cold Water Bacteria
Water soluble dyes Hydra Blue Water Dye
Large amounts of foam Hydra Aqua De-Foam
My pond needs more aeration. Aeration Kits
I need a new air pump Hakko Air Pumps
How do I remove lakes weeds? WeedRazer and WeedRazer Pro
How do I remove floating weeds from my pond? WeedRaker