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Hydra Ammonia Remover

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Hydra Ammonia Lock 11 Pounds
Hydra Ammonia Lock 11 Pounds 66600
Hydra Ammonia Lock 44 Pounds
Hydra Ammonia Lock 44 Pounds 66610
Ammonia Test Kit-ON SALE!
Ammonia Test Kit-ON SALE! 68152

Hydra Ammonia Lock Granular Zeolite

Product Highlights

Features and Benefits

  • Highly effective with a micro porous crystalline structure to absorb ammonia.
  • It works by absorbing toxic ammonia in water in exchange for harmless sodium ions.
  • Ideal for ponds with heavy fish loads or filters which have just been cleaned.
  • Allows biological filters to develop more rapidly at the beginning of the season.
  • This has been the Japanese pond keepers' secret for hundreds of years.
  • For fresh water systems only koi, fish, and garden ponds- not to be used in salt water systems.


Ammonia causes a range of problems from causing skin and gill irritation, to severe gill, eyes and skin damage and even eventually leading to fish death. If your pond filter is not adequately dealing with the volume of fish you have or it is new and the bacteria has not colonized the filter medium sufficiently yet you may find Ammonia levels rising.

As temperature rises, the toxicity of Ammonia also rises, meaning ammonia levels that might be safe during the winter could become toxic in the summer when the water warms up. Simply put as a general rule of thumb, a reading of more than 0.1mg/litre TAN (Total Ammonia-Nitrogen) should be taken as an alert to consider Ammonia removal measures.


You can either combat this by changing large quantities of water on a regularly basis or by using Hydra Ammonia Lock that absorbs toxic ammonia from the water. This is an instant and very effective solution.

Usage Rates

  • 1 lb treats 150 gallons of pond water.
  • 11 lbs treats 1,650 gallons of pond water.
  • 44 lbs treats 6,600 gallons of pond water.
  • Simply recharge with common salt using a 10% solution, full instructions on the label.


How to Use:

Either fill sack with Ammonia lock granules, place in filter or another area that has flowing water, or place in a water tight container and pump water through the container.

Initial Treatment:
Soak in saline solution before use. 2 Lb salt to 5 gallons water(use Hydra Pond Salt), soak overnight and rinse with water.

Maintenance Treatment:
Once a month remove ammonia lock from water and soak in 2 lb pond salt to 5 gallons of water. Soak overnight and rinse with water.

Yearly Treatment:
Replace used Ammonia Lock with new granules.

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