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Usage Tips for Hydra Quartz

Hydra Quartz are easy to use granules which start working on contact. They starve the blanket weed by chelating and absorbing nitrates and phosphates which are essential for blanket weed growth.

During treatment
Ensure adequate aeration by water pump or air-stone. Allow plenty of time to observe fish. Clean mechanical filters before starting treatment, and keep these filters clean during treatment. Hydra Quartz is easy to use. Simply sprinkle or broadcast onto affected areas. Switch off pumps for 30 to 60 minutes while ensuring the water is oxygenated. UV lights can be left on during treatment.

Do not sprinkle the Quartz directly on plant leaves as the dry powder will burn the leaves. Mix with pond water first, then pour the liquid mixture around the plants.

In extreme cases, if no improvement is seen, repeat application after 48 hours. Do a 10-20% water change before re-applying.

When To Use at Maintenance Dosage
Use every 1 to 2 months at the maintenance rate to keep the pond clear of blanket weed.

Do not use if the pond is clear of blanket weed (wait until it starts to appear). If you have to repeat any treatment, allow at least 48 hours between consecutive treatments and change 10% of pond volume before subsequent treatment.

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