Hydra Crystal 40 Lb Green Water Treatment (CURRENTLY ON BACK ORDER UNTIL FALL 2022)

Hydra Crystal 40 Lb Green Water Treatment (CURRENTLY ON BACK ORDER UNTIL FALL 2022)

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Currently on back order. Factory in Europe is at full production. ETA 2-4 months. Orders will be saved and shipped when available.

Hydra Crystal is safe to use in water with fish. The product (Green pond water Remover) is completely biodegradable. Free of all toxic additives, mineral based Hydra Crystal absorbs and chelates phosphates, nitrites and other water pollutants to give you clean healthy water. Special green water treatment formula improves the water quality without disturbing the ecological balance of the pond. Safe on koi ponds, fish, reptiles, birds, invertebrates, mammals, humans and water plants. No damaging effect on concrete surfaces or synthetic liners. Not harmful for biological filters or pumps installed in the pond. Immediately after the product application, scattered single-celled algae flocculate and sink to the bottom of the pond to be removed through the filter system.

Clear green water in fish pond will give crystal clear water when used in conjunction WITH an External Filter Box. If your pond does not have a pond filter then use Hydra Pond Clear Plus. Shelf life 3 years.

For best results please read and follow the instructions included with your product.
Crystal is mixed as a slurry with tap water, added to your pond water and then filtered out along with the algae.
Proper dosage is critical to the successful application of the product.