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Hydra Crystal Jar Test

Using the "Jar" Test with Hydra Crystal

When it comes to clearing your pond of green water algae using Hydra Crystal, we have learned that everyone's pond is a little different.

A simple method to understanding what is happening with your pond treatment is to dip out a jar of your pond water upon initial treatment with Crystal and let it sit undisturbed. Over a period of hours, the water should go from green to a tea colored brown to a clearing from the top down. Sediment should start to appear on the bottom of the jar.

If the water in your jar:

Stays Green There was not enough Crystal in your treatment. It will be necessary to add more Crystal to your pond. Recheck your pond capacity Length X Width X Average Depth in feet X 7.48 For example, 12' Long by 10' Wide by 4' Deep = 480 x 7.48= 3590 Gallons Capacity.

Stays Brown There may have been too much Crystal in your treatment. This should clear over time. Leave the jar for one or two days and the water should eventually clear. Check your pond filters.

Remember, with Crystal, your initial treatment needs to be well mixed and spread through out the entire pond. Mix your Crystal in a container of tap water, stir it up good and pour where the mixture will be carried through out your whole pond.

Filter, filter, filter! Your pond filter will get a workout removing the dead algae. Keep an eye on it and keep it CLEAN If you don't have a filter system, the brown water, dead algae will have to settle out on its own. The less your water is circulated, the sooner the brown will settle out.