Hydra Quartz 32 Oz String Algae Treatment

Hydra Quartz 32 Oz String Algae Treatment

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Highly effective biological blanket weed treatment. Rapid action starts working immediately - No waiting weeks for results Best barley straw alternative, without the usual barley straw mess.

Features & Advantages

  • Easy to apply and can be broadcast or sprinkled directly over pond blanketweed patches.
  • Similar to traditional barley straw treatment but gives faster results.
  • No need to deal with smelly, decomposed straw.
  • The enzyme and bacterial action helps to prevent re-infestation of the blanket weed.
  • No need to switch off the UV lights.
  • Biological filters and pumps remain unaffected during treatment.
  • Natural and eco-friendly components of Hydra Quartz pose no danger to aquatic life including fish and water plants.
  • Safe with pets, birds and visiting animals that may drink treated water.
  • No harmful effects on concrete surfaces or synthetic liners.
  • No effect on the pH level of the water.
  • The best garden pond blanket weed solution to cure blanket weed.



  • Use Hydra Quartz, blanket weed cure with the first appearance of blanket weed.
  • Broadcast over the affected area.
  • Product may foam upon application, this is normal.
  • Ponds with fish should treat half of water surface at a time to give fish space to swim away from the dying blanket weed.
  • Hydra Quartz granules act instantly on the weed, which die off completely usually within 2-3 days. Remove the dead blanket weed from the pond.
  • Dead blanket weed, if not removed decomposes and will drop down to the bottom.
  • Waterfalls should be turned off before treatment. Apply Hydra Quartz on the ledges and leave for 30 minutes, brush over the surface. Running the waterfall after treatment washes away the weed. Treat the pond thereafter.
  • Special formulation of Hydra Quartz keeps the blanket weed control for long intervals; however spores may easily travel back into the water body through wind, birds and new addition of water plants. Re-apply Hydra Quartz with the first sign of infestation.
  • Apply the product in full strength if re-growth is seen.