Bio Aquatic Bacteria Boost 16 Oz

Bio Aquatic Bacteria Boost 16 Oz

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Hydra Bio Aquatic Bacteria Boost (Nitrifying Bacteria)

Kicks starts natures natural bacteria growth especially in the early months

Cross selection of bacteria ensures maximum growth for clear water bodies

Shelf life 3 years

Features & Advantages

  • Blend of carefully selected bacteria strains that multiply rapidly to replace pond beneficial bacteria lost during winters
  • Nitrifying bacteria in the blend acts on harmful ammonia to convert it into nitrite and subsequently to nitrates
  • Blend includes special bacteria that break down excess nutrients and organic matter to give clear water
  • Eliminates odour and cloudy water problems by acting upon pollutants and organic deposits in the pond
  • Ideal for seeding new biological filters
  • Gives your pond a head start at the beginning of the season by boosting the growth of good bacteria
  • Help maintain the ecological balance of the water
  • Easy to use, add directly into the pond or filters
  • Suitable to work efficiently in both fresh water and salt water systems
  • Safe to use in water with fish and aquatic plants