Hydra Pond Clear Plus Sample

Hydra Pond Clear Plus Sample

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The Problem

When the spring sunshine comes it brings with it the potential to turn your clear, clean pond water green. The build up of nutrients over the winter months and the warming of the water, create the perfect breeding ground for microscopic single-celled algae. These algae can be unsightly and greatly reduce visibility in your pond.

The Solution

Hydra Pond Clear Plus helps you in keeping a pond clear and healthy. It is a perfect pond cleaner that filters out the pollutants in ponds without the external filters or poor mechanical filter systems.

After treatment it is a good idea to Use Bio Aquatic Boost to keep the pond water healthy and balanced. Hydra Bio Aquatic Boost thwarts the algae growth by discouraging nutrient build up in the ponds.

Features & Advantages

  • Hydra Pond Clear Plus is a completely biodegradable mineral based product to effectively control and prevent the appearance of pond green water for extended periods.
  • Ion exchange action of the product absorbs various water pollutants along with phosphates and nitrites.
  • Acts instantly upon coming in contact with water by electrically charging scattered algae cells causing them to cluster. Remove the dead algae when it floats to the top by net lined with paper towel or pond skimmer. If the dead algae sinks to the bottom of the pond remove it with pond vacuum.
  • Biological Filters, pumps, pond liners (synthetic or concrete) remain unaffected.
  • Harmless to all fish, birds, reptiles, invertebrates, humans, mammals, animals and water plant.
  • Fast acting constituents clear green water in ponds without exterior filter systems.
  • Easy application by simply broadcast over the water surface
  • UV lights do not hamper the product action and may be left on during the treatment
  • Two applications may be required to clean heavily green pond water
  • Ideal for ponds without external filters